10 Celebrity’s Who Went From Rich To Broke

Toni Braxton


All these people were really popular (or may be still popular) and had a lot of money. But dealing with money isn’t really easy. These celebs lost it all faster than they earned money.

Toni Braxton was at the height of her fame and made more than $170 million in album sales. We all know her popular song ‘Un-Break My Heart’. But she got only $1,972 from that sum of money. Toni has a serious home decor addiction, she buys everything from plates, to Faberge eggs and all this ‘girly’ stuff. It led to her first bankruptcy in 1998. She returned into the business in 2000 with a new hit ‘He Wasn’t Man Enough’. The same year she went broke again. Her next albums sold a few hundred thousand copies each.


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