11 Processed Foods That Will Slowly Kill You


Today’s food industry companies have loaded most of their products with so much sugar, fat and sodium that eating any of the foods listed below on a daily basis can destroy all your hopes and wishes by slowly killing you not only morally but also literary.

1. Worst burgers Guacamole bacon burger: 1,819 calories – 91 g fat (28.5 g saturated, 2.5 g trans) – 3,451 mg sodium Of all the heart-threatening and life-shortening burgers of the world, there is none whose damage to the general wellness is as potentially damaging as this. This meal has the caloric equivalent of 10 donuts, the saturated fat equivalent of 25 strips of bacon, and the salt equivalent of 9 large orders of French fries. Bacon Triple Cheese Big Mouth Burger: 1,902 calories – 139 g fat (48 g saturated) – 4,202 mg sodium All burgers whose names are 20 syllables long are bound to spell trouble for the waistline. This burger has almost an entire day’s worth of calories and two days’ worth of fat. These burger menus tend to be the worst ones, so you are better off with one of the reasonable excuses to silence your hunger. Bacon Cheddar Minis: 1,359 calories – 85 g fat – 80 g carbohydrates. Diminutive dishes are one of the hottest trends in the fast food world nowadays, probably because most are looking for ways to stretch money, and you’d think that would serve conscious eaters well. But not under the careless watch of the burger barons, who manage to turn four mini burgers into the caloric equivalent of seven sugar donuts.

2. Worst Pizzas Grill Classic Pizza: 2,311 calories – 166 g fat (55 g saturated) – 4,921 mg sodium – 121 g carbohydrates. The problem with deep dish pizza is not just the empty extra calories and carbohydrates from the crust; it is that the thick doughy base provides the structural integrity to extra heaps of sauce, cheese and oily toppings. The result is an individual pizza with more calories than you should eat per day and more sodium than you would find in 28 small bags of potato chips. Oh, do not forget about nearly three days’ worth of saturated fat. Pizza with Garlic Bread Crust: 842 calories 45 g fat (15 g saturated, 3.6 g trans) 1,451 mg sodium. Regardless of the crust you choose, this one is dominated by nutritional duds. The greasy toppings and the bloated crust will saddle you with 55 percent of your day’s sodium, nearly twice the amount of trans fat you should take in per day and 75 percent of your day’s saturated fat. So you’d better hands off.


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